Acsess Map


Chuo-ku, Sapporo Minami 3 Nishi 3-chome city street

Access from JR Sapporo Station

  1. From JR Sapporo Station I will ride the subway Namboku (Makomanai direction row)
  2. I get off at the subway from Sapporo Station two eye of Susukino Subway Station
  3. And head to the north as it is out of the Exit 1
  4. Turn right at the first corner (Kentucky Fried Chicken mark)
  5. You will see the process directly advances and blue sign of Capsule Inn Sapporo on the left

Guidance of authorized parking

Your car

【Arc parking】

Chuo-ku South 3 rd West 3 - chome (3 east left to the east from the hotel)

TEL: 011-232-0466
Height limit up to 153 cm

Price 100 yen per hour (There is no maximum fee.)


【KP parking】
12: 00 ~ the next 12: 00
Minami-ku 2-chome west 2-chome Chuo-ku
TEL: 080-5763-9010
Height restriction normal car up to 155 cm HR car up to 205 cm
Price Standard car: 1,200 yen HR car: 1,500 yen


【Sapporo Toho public building (ROUND 1 Susukino)】
12: 00 ~ the next 12: 00
Chuo-ku South 5-west West 3-chome
TEL: 080-5763-9014
Height limit up to 205 cm
Price Standard car: 1,200 yen HR car: 1,500 yen

Your bike

Bell parking
Chuo-ku, Sapporo Minami 5 Nishi 6-chome 1
Tel 080-3267-5897
Time 13:00 ~ next day 11:00
Price 1,000yen(tax included)

The visitor who does not fit a condition guides the parking lot of the neighborhood.
Specifically, please confirm it to the front desk.
I prepare the brochure with a map.

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