Capsule Inn Sapporo



McDonald's Susukino shop(Limited)

Address: Chuo-ku, Sapporo Minami 4 Jo Nishi 4-chome 16
Morning Mac Free tickets distributed
Available time 6:00 to 10:30(Monday 7:00〜)


  • ・Valid as long as the day
  • ・No mark-date tickets are not available
  • ・No it is also re-issue of the ticket if you lose
  • ・The difference is borne by the customer (change does not come out)
  • ・Depending on the store circumstances, it may not be available

1 Checking In

The shoe locker The shoe locker

You are required to put off your shoes first, and put them in the shoe locker. Then,return the key to the front desk. The shoe locker key will be deposit of your stay.


Front Desk Checking In - From 1:00 PM

We check your reservation. After completing the form, We request prepayment. We will explain how to use the facilities and give you a locker key. This locker key is a wrist band, so we recommend you wear the wrist band while you stay at the hotel.


key About the key

The number shown on the wrist band is the number of your capsule and the floor number. For example, if the number is 515, it means your capsule is 515 on the 6th floor.


2 Locker Room

Locker room Using the locker room

Please use the locker number that is the same as the key you were assigned.

Locker Size:
high 180cm
wide 22cm
depth 50cm

towels, a Nnightclothes toothbrushe

If your luggage is too large to place into the locker, please ask at the front desk for luggage storage services.
We will keep your luggage in a safe place while your stay.

Making the best of small space.


3 Bathing Room & a Capsule unit

Bathing Room Taking a bath and Sauna

You can use the public bathing room and Sauna on the 7th floor.
Face Towel
Shower gel, Conditioner, Shampoo,
Tooth brush, Tooth paste, Razo


capsule unit Sleeping in your capsule unit

A capsule unit is provided for you as your sleeping area. The number of the capsule you are to use is the same as the number of your locker key.

Use of the equipments in the Capsule Unit.

You can control any of the equipments in the capsule by using the control panel.
You can set the alarm clock, watch TV or listen to the radio. And the light is adjustable.

Please check this capsule number and your wrist band number.


4 Checking Out - by 10:00AM

Please change your clothes at dressing room . We will then give you the key to your shoe locker.Even if you stay more than two days,you are required to leave hotel from 10AM to 1PM.

Floor Guide



How to use Capsule Room

How to set a alarm clock.

How to use Capsule Room Press a“Alarm”and“Alarm Time”button,
then set your wake up time. Please confirm setting is completed or not by “clock display”. You will see ”ALARM“ sign on clock display.And your setting will be completed.
The guest rooms are capsules,each capsule is about 2 meters by 1 meter,equipped with a bed, TV, lighting and an alarm clock.
Bathroom and washroom are shared.
Yukatas (cotton robes) are provided.
Personal belongings are kept in a locker room.

 Size high 100cm
    wide 100cm
    depth 100cm~200cm

Capsule Room



Bussines hours
   Check in 1PM Check out 10 AM No Cufew.
   When you get out from Capsulehotel,a locker key should be
   returned to the front desk.
Extending your stay
   Even if you stay more than two days, you are required to leave
   our hotel from 12AM to 1PM.
   If you stay later than 10AM,extra charge will be charged
   1,000 Yen(tax included) per 8hours.

   A saftybox is located at the front desk.

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